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In response to: ARE YOU AS LIVID AS I AM ?

Comment from: Carlos


I don’t get the outrage. Trump is not the dolt we take him to be. He is methodically following the Nazi playbook on how to take over a country. Biden schmiden, We should be more outraged that he and his fundamentalist allies want to turn this country into a dictatorship so they can tear down the Temple on Mount. Let that sink in for a few minutes. Yes, war with all Islam and Fallujah every day for years if not decades.


07/01/20 @ 01:07 pm

In response to: We Need a New New Deal

Comment from: Dan


What to do first is elect Biden who we hope will be a Demand-sider who will tax the wealthy and corporations enough to fund small business restoration, free college for Blacks, infrastructure upgrade, national healthcare, and reimagining law enforcement.

06/26/20 @ 03:27 pm

In response to: GET SMART AMERICA!

Comment from: Phyllis


YES!!!  We must ALL join together to get Trump out of office.  If we don’t the loss may well be our fault.   This includes ALL the parties coming together!!!

04/08/20 @ 07:13 pm