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Comment from: Reid Cornwell

The house should/can impeach Trump, if for no other reason than to memorialize his bad acts for posterity. There is nothing to prevent the senate from holding the trial after he has left office. If he is found guilty in the trial, he will not be able to hold office in the future and he will not receive the retirement income. He will also become the only President to be impeached twice. He has earned any punishment levied to him.

01/09/21 @ 08:36 pm

In response to: VOTE!

Comment from: Andrea


Not only did we show up and vote. We WON.
That means women of all colors, cultures, and pro-choicer's need to UNITE.
We need to put pressure and change laws on
1. Term limits
2. Cap on campaign spending.
3. Public servants in office need
to be monitored on a.
quarterly basis.
They need to show up
Roll up their sleeves
and work, M-F. Golf is for
weekends and on their dime
Not ours..

12/26/20 @ 01:38 am


Comment from: MaryCatherine


I live in the foothills of North Carolina. I have been to Cherokee and watched with joy the beautiful people of this proud tribe. They climbed up ropes and and did all kinds of acrobats that looked so scary, but all ended well. But like you, Maria Tallchief, I watched and listened to a college professor talk with passion about the cruelty towards the proud Native Americans. The infamous Trail of Tears. I couldn't get this off of my mind, so I read what little I could find about these proud beautiful people. So I wrote a story about them. A children's story with a happy ending. If you go onto my email page, my son, a computer engineer saved the story for me. If you can't download it, my email is I think I have a copy of it. Hopefully you will like it.

11/16/20 @ 05:38 pm

In response to: VOTE!

Comment from: Reid Cornwell

This comment is spot on. Please vote.

09/15/20 @ 02:36 pm

In response to: VOTE!

Comment from: Dream Momma

As long as most politicians think women don’t count, and many women believe them, they won’t vote. The premise is forgone; “I don’t count ergo my vote doesn’t count." This is the curse of a patriarchal society. The best way to turn that upside down is to VOTE. "I vote, therefore I count." Then use your new status as a voter and make a difference.

09/14/20 @ 11:33 am

In response to: We Need a New New Deal

Comment from: Dan


What to do first is elect Biden who we hope will be a Demand-sider who will tax the wealthy and corporations enough to fund small business restoration, free college for Blacks, infrastructure upgrade, national healthcare, and reimagining law enforcement.

06/26/20 @ 03:27 pm

In response to: GET SMART AMERICA!

Comment from: Phyllis


YES!!!  We must ALL join together to get Trump out of office.  If we don't the loss may well be our fault.   This includes ALL the parties coming together!!!

04/08/20 @ 07:13 pm